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Algarve Golf Deals: Recommendations on Booking

During the peak season, golf deals are the most in demand in Algarve. Even if there are many other outdoor sports in the region, nothing can beat golf in Portugal. You must make bookings for tee times well in advance so that you do not face the last minute rush when you reach your golf resort. Nevertheless, last minute bookings are always expensive. You can look for a few online sites that offer brilliant golf deals if you make advance bookings.

Benefits of online booking

You can have several benefits of making prior bookings.

  • The most important advantage of making online booking is the convenience you get. You can make booking anytime you are free from your work. Round the clock service of all booking sites makes it convenient to book, which is not possible if you go physically to the golf club to make bookings.

  • Some of the websites are really easy to navigate, which makes it easy for not-so-internet-friendly people to make bookings.

  • When you are navigating through the list of golf courses, you may be spoilt for choice, but you must be careful before you finalize the course and make payment. Algarve is abundant with golf courses, but not all of them offer superb services.

  • Online bookings give the option of grabbing multiple discounts through various means like using credit cards, loyalty points, etc. The peak season discounts are also there to lure the customers.

If you ask an elder golfer about how they made bookings a decade or two ago, you would be amazed how complicated the process was. They had to go to a pro shop of a golf course and reserve a tee time. Then, telephone came into being to make the process a little less complicated. However, it is surprising that even after Internet has taken over the entire world, many golfers are still obsessed with making reservations by physically going to the venue a few days prior to the trip.

You must keep in mind that this technique now does not work for an international destination like Algarve. You need to reserve your tee time well in advance to avoid paying higher at the last moment and the crowd.

You can save some money by booking tee times at early morning or late evening, when the demand is least. The late evening bookings are usually discounted because the golfers are not able to complete the 18- hole round after 5 pm.

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