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How To Perfect Your Golf Swing – Essential Advice

Every golfer strives for consistency. That is the secret to scoring well and getting your handicap down. In order to do that you have to master the basics and be prepared to practice them, together the variety of shots that you may face whenever you play a round.


You can go nowhere unless you get your grip right. Initially it may feel unnatural but gradually it should be second nature. You can pretend you are holding your golf club even if you are just sitting at home. There are actually moulds that teach you the grip though you cannot get such moulds on your clubs themselves. Your hands will be fairly close together even linked between index finger on the top hand and small finger on the bottom.


Your stance and the angles your bodies create are the starting position for your swing. You need to have stability yet flexibility. Your feet should generally be an equivalent width apart as your shoulder width, Straight back and slight knees bend gives you the best chance of the rotation you will need through backswing and follow through.


You need to get your body and mind in tune with the movement you have to make each time you hit the ball. There is little difference in your swing whichever club you intend to use though with some shorter irons you may need to adjust and open your stance.

It is important to keep your head above the ball as you enter into your backswing and keep it still until you have hit the ball and are into your follow through. The suppler you are, the more likely you will be able to rotate properly. You certainly need to get your hips rotating and transfer your weight as you accelerate down and through the ball. Your shoulder turn should come naturally and will happen purely because your arms are making them turn.

In summary you need to get all the elements in place:

  • Holding the club correctly.
  • Creating your angles with your body in a relaxed but stable stance. That involves a straight back and slightly bent knees.
  • Rotation with shoulders and hips working in unison. This is something you should practice time after time and perhaps getting someone, ideally a professional, to advise on whether you have everything right. If there are errors within the swing you must correct them.

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