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5 Simple Golf Playing Tips to Increase the Ball Speed

Ball speed refers to the speed of golf ball once it comes in touch with golf club, i.e. after the impact. The speed of the ball is the result of speed of golf club and impact. If the impact is not good, like if you hit the shot on the heel or the toe, it will lower the potential speed of the ball. Glancing blows that are created by slices, hooks, or hitting extremely down on the golf ball may reduce the ball speed as well.

Although the speed of the club is the key to distance coverage, the ball speed at the impact is the greatest factor in determining the distance the ball actually covers. If you gain at least 1 mph more of speed for your ball, you can increase the driver distance by 2 yards.

The highest ball speed that is recorded till date is that of 226 mph, achieved by Connors Powers I the 2014 World Long Drive Championship.

How to increase your ball speed

The ball speed depends on your swing speed and the extent of upright hitting the ball. However, in order to achieve more speed, you must not compromise on accuracy.

  1. Improve the swing speed
  2. You need to increase the swing speed to be able to generate more speed of the ball. Mark the weaknesses and strengths of your swing and determine the areas of improvement. Hit the ball off the practice tee thrice. Concentrate on generating more body speed during the downswing in your first shot. In the second shot, move the arms faster. In the last attempt, speed up your hands. Now, go over this drill many times to gain perfection.

  3. Taping drill
  4. Stick an impact tape on the clubface prior to hitting the ball, when you are on the driving range. After you hit the ball, check the tape whether you had hit its sweet spot that generates more speed of the ball or not. Use different clubs for this test. This will help you determine the pattern of your shots.

  5. Use your hands
  6. Bend the hands in the direction of target by twisting your wrists one you hit the ball. Do not keep your wrists stiff or neutral. You can practice this step by using only the right hand on your club at the driving range, if you are a right- handed player.

  7. Weight shift
  8. Shift the body weight from the back foot to your front foot in order to generate more speed of clubhead on the downswing.

  9. No head movement
  10. Keep your head at rest to assist your strike the golf ball squarely. Use a 5-iron to hit a few practice shots entirely flat footed. It makes it simpler to keep the head still while you swing.

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