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Residence Golf Club Vilamoura: 4 Key Points To Keep In Mind

We want to share a secret with all of you. Do you know Vilamoura, the popular golf destination in Algarve, has a little trick to attract millions of golf tourists year after year? Its secret weapon is nothing but the luxury resorts and hotels on offer to visitors. Dig a little deeper, you’ll find the best luxury accommodations in and around the city.

Golf tourists expect accommodations to be both luxurious and affordable. The one option in Vilamoura that fits this bill is the Residence Golf Club. Guests love it. Before you book this accommodation, here are a few things you need to know.

Luxury Apartments

The Residence Golf Club is situated on the outer edge of Vilamoura. It offers tourists affordable holiday apartments in a calm and tranquil environment. These spacious holiday apartments come with fully equipped kitchens, a large dining area, and your very own balcony from where you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Atlantic in absolute privacy. Each apartment is fitted with all necessary modern electronics and luxury amenities such as air conditioners, television, and bathtubs.

Easy Access to Golf Courses

Staying at the Residence Golf Club allows you easy access to the best courses in Vilamoura. Five of the finest courses in the region are within 1.5 km from the accommodation venue. Interestingly, golf tourists can enjoy the game on the course that’s within the perimeter. Other courses in the area are the Old Course (just 0.9km from the venue), Oceanico Victoria Course (1.3kms away), Oceanico Laguna Course (1.1kms away), Oceanico Millennium Golf Course (0.9kms from the site), Oceanico Pinhal Golf Course (0.9kms from the apartments).

Excellent Services and Amenities

The apartments are an ideal option for couples, family golf tourists, and small group travelers. Since many of the attractions are so close to the property you can take a relaxing walk to reach the destinations. The property has a wonderful outdoor swimming pool, landscaped gardens and grounds to take relaxing walks, and family rooms. The Residence Golf Clubs provides shuttle service from the airport and also excellent parking facilities.

Popular Attractions Nearby

You have the evenings to explore the local attractions, which by the way are in plenty in Vilamoura. The city has a vibrant nightlife with a number of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars located in an area that’s near the beach. From the apartment property, you’ve to only drive a few minutes to reach Vilamoura’s Marina and the popular Falesia Beach. Shopping centers, parks, and other local attractions are other popular holiday hotspots nearby.

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