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How To Use Your Driver In The Wind: Quick Golf Tips

Golf is always fun when the weather is calm. However, when strong breeze sets in and windy weather reigns, it can be frustrating to achieve those good hits on target. The point here is that every hit you make will not turn out as desired because a good one would just go awry and a bad one, worse. Because of this, any golfer is likely to experience a rundown in confidence levels with which he or she has always played.

Further, no matter how hard you would be hitting the ball, controlling the distance would suffer a big blow. Worse still, it becomes even harder to harvest concentration needed to stay in the game. Well, even if you have been a good golfer all these years, one challenge that anyone would find a big hurdle to maneuver is always having your best shot tossed off target by wind.

You will certainly quit playing until normal playing weather normalizes. Despite this, there are actually a few tricks that can make you a wind-conqueror when playing golf so that you are always on point with every shot you make. Let’s take a look at some of them.

An easy swing in breezy conditions

Most of the times when one is playing golf in windy conditions, most golfers tends to hit hardest with an aim of compensating for the drag force. Their aim is to drive into the headwinds against a drag force. However, this often yields the opposite results because the ball will rather tend to curve off the target and drops after a short distance. Well, overcoming this means making a controlled and smooth swing. Be easy on the ball and ensure it flies low as this will keep off wind from play.

Clubbing up and chocking down

A longer club would certainly produce more centripetal force. On this premise, a driver will always produce a greater club-head as compared to a wedge. Remember you are doing an easy and smooth swing, a chock down while clubbing up would be the best way to make your shaft stronger, hence less speed on club-head. This way, the ball will be maintained at a low angle and with minimized spins.

Ball back and pushing weight forward

If you let the ball stay longer in air, it would most certainly suffer from a drag caused by strong winds. When playing in windy places, it is important to know that shooting low would yield forth low scores, so always move the ball back closer to your standing position and then lurch your weight forward, preferable a lit bit ahead of the ball and then hit.

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