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How to plan your dream golf getaway

There are many European countries that boast excellent golf courses. It’s sometimes hard to know which one to pick as your travel destination. Of all the countries that offer a great golfing experience, we have picked Portugal as our golf destination of choice. The Algarve region is an especially fun place to play a few good games of golf over a long weekend or short trip.

Plan a trail of different courses

It’s worth your while to study the Algarve region in order to become familiar with its various courses. Once you have a few favourites, plan a circular tour of about three to five different ones. Make a real adventure out of it and be sure to plan frequent stops at restaurants and pubs on the way. A little bit of order will make for a holiday that’s organized and fun.

Involve your family and friends

When you arrive in Algarve, you will want to experience more than just the golfing side of the region. For this reason, plan to spend some time at the beach too. Take part in some of the activities offered such as hot air ballooning, wind surfing or diving. These activities are great for children and adults alike.

If you don’t have kids, you and your partner can enjoy an elaborate nightlife scene. There are many casinos and restaurants; as well as countless street parties hosted all year round. Plan some time away from the golf course if you want to really enjoy Portugal at its best.

Save up

So is a golf holiday costly? A golf getaway to Portugal is not as expensive as you think. However, the more spending money you have, the more you will be able to enjoy while there. Save up over a few months so that you have a little extra to splurge. Holidays are always full of unexpected pleasures and you want to be able to enjoy them if you can.

Another great way to manage your money is to book what you can in advance. If you are planning your holiday a few months ahead of time, even better! You can book courses, accommodation and even get ready for the activities you and your companions want to participate in.

Study the courses you plan to play

Golf will be at the forefront of your mind on your getaway. It helps to study the courses you intend to play. There are countless reviews on the internet that describe in detail what each course has in store. You will gain a serious advantage in each game if you know the layout and potential obstacles of each course.

Study the courses

Imagine getting onto the golf course with your companions and knowing what to expect. This is an aspect of golf that too many players neglect: STRATEGY! Do your homework and you will lower your score significantly.

Know Conditions

Part of knowing the courses you will be playing is preparing for the challenge each one presents. Some courses have undulating terrain while others present numerous water hazards. Then there are those that are known for their windy conditions or deceptive doglegs.

Polish up on your skills

Practicing some relevant skills will give you an advantage over your opponents. Study each course and apply what you know to the driving range before your getaway begins.

Spend some time planning

In planning your golf getaway, remember to keep all aspects in mind. The travel arrangements and details are one aspect, and the golfing is another. The more planning you do with regards to both, the more you will enjoy your holiday.

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