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A Complete Review Of The Morgado Golf Course In Portugal

The Morgado golf course is one of the many golf courses in the Algarve region in Portugal. It lies to the northern side of Portimao, Algarve. With its sister golf course, known as the Alamos, the Morgado course is situated in a quiet and large estate through rolling little valleys, which are located in the countryside of Algarve. It is almost certainly the longest golf courses in Algarve region in Portugal, with a par 73.

One of the main characteristics of this beautiful fairway is its huge greens, which help in practicing your putting skills and aid golfers to improve their putt. Also, its deep course bunkers are also very testing for every type of golfer, whether amateur or a professional.

Comparatively simple to play golf

The Morgado course comprises of nine 4 pars, four 3 pars and five 5 pars. It has the classic features of a link golf course, with bunkers that are inspired by the Scottish and flat fairways. However, unlike a traditional link that is situated alongside the sea, the Morgado golf course is nested in parkland. Besides this, the Morgado course boasts a striking average size of a green of 800 meter square and a few beautiful lakes.

The design architects of this amazing golf course say that although this fairway looks quite tough to play in, it relatively is very easy to play. The course does not have any forced ‘carries’ on any of its greens. This means that no hindrances are found here, such as water bodies or bunkers, which are entirely opposite a green. Additionally, there is more than 1 route for golfers to go on to the green.

Besides this, the wind, which is usually there in Algarve region of Portugal, plays a significant role and poses a challenge for the golfers to hit the golf ball in to the holes. Otherwise, the Morgado golf course is a unique and flexible fairway, with its green pin positions that can make a hole softer or extra dangerous and testing.

The hotel

After playing golf, you can rest in the Morgado golf course’s Clubhouse, which has big social areas and a sober architecture. It is perfectly located and offers a breathtaking sight of the Morgado course. It also allows you to stay in quietness and peace in a different Portugal and Algarve after an inimitable day at the golf course.

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