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Practical Advice For Beginners Who Want To Better Golf Grip

An important aspect of golf includes your grip. Players should understand hand placement while holding the club. For example, right-hand players will have the left-hand on top with right-hand underneath. There are different tutorials, pictures and videos online offering more clarity on what your grip should be. It may take a while to get used to depending on the club you are using and how well you play. Beginners can practice their grip and consider golf drills that can help perfect their grip for the golf course. Here are things to know to improve your grip.

Learn Different Golf Grips

One thing to keep in mind as a golfer is there are different grips. It may depend on what is most comfortable for you to play with, but it is important to review different grips and see which is best for certain plays. Other aspects to think about include grip pressure and hinging of the wrists. These elements play a role in helping you acquire the best grip. Here is a brief overview of types of grips and when they are most likely to be used.

  • Vardon grip: most common grip pros use. Fingers are not linked together except for left index and right fingers. A gap is in between these fingers and your right pinky rests here. Also known as an overlap grip, this grip can have different variations.

  • Interlocking grip: few golf masters use this method. Basically, you are locking your pinky in place between your left middle and index fingers (your top hand)..

  • 10-finger grip: no finger overlap or locking. The right thumb wraps around the club. This grip is also known as a baseball grip since players grip the club as they would a baseball bat. Common grip used among amateurs.

Basic Grip Tips

There are many basic tips to remember when it comes to gripping your iron. Try to avoid gripping too tight so tension doesn’t build up. Have a light but firm grip. When analyzing your grip pressure on scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the strongest, it should sit somewhere around 5. Your wrists may hinge during certain swing motions and some players may try to prevent this action from occurring. This can actually help your swing and your hands. The clubface should be square when gripping club in front of you.

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