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Short Game Drills That Can Help You Score Lower

You need to be careful when getting your short game going. You can use a few strong tips when practicing your short game. These ideas can help you figure out how well your shots will go so you might have an easier time with getting a shot up onto the green and reducing the distance between you and the overall shot you are aiming for.

Use Club Changes

One drill to try out involves using a club to attempt a shot at varying distances. Here’s a look at how you can make this drill work:

  • Start by hitting a ball at about 100 yards with one club.
  • Go hit a ball at 90 yards with the same club you used the first time around.
  • Move down to 80 yards and use the club that you would normally hit a ball with in this situation.
  • Move down to 70 yards and hit with the same club in that last step.
  • Keep moving by ten yards and changing the club on every other shot until you get down to the shortest one.

This will help you figure out how much strength you need when using particular clubs. It helps you condition yourself for a variety of situations.

Practice With More Balls

The next drill is to work with a variety of balls all around the place:

  • Scatter twenty balls around a green. Use as many lies and distances from the hole as possible.
  • Aim for the hole on each one and try to get within a good range. This would be a few feet away from the hole.
  • Visualize your shots and see what you are doing when you have gotten a shot to move a little closer to the hole.

Choose a Par-18 Game

The par-18 strategy is an interesting drill option to try out. Here’s how you can make this work:

  • Arrange nine balls around the green while trying to determine a series of lies and distances to create easy, medium and hard-grade lies.
  • Try out each of these shots with the intention of getting into the hole within two shots. That is, each ball would equate to a par-2 hole.
  • You can use this to determine if your shooting strategy is appropriate based on not only how you approach the hole but also how well your putts are run.

These three drills can help you learn more about how your short game can work. Use these drills to give yourself more control over how you’re going to get a good shot off.

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