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Simple Instruction On How To Make The Bump And Run Shot

Every golfer is fond of aerial shots, that they pay little attention or devote less time to practice ground strokes. An unwarranted result of neglecting the ground game is increasing waste shots in and around the green, and consequently an increase in the score.

The bump and run shot played from the perimeter of the green is the most useful shot, when executed perfectly. Though many claim it’s an easy shot to master, like any other stroke a player becomes proficient only if he understands the proper technique involved in the bump and run shot.

Here are simple instructions that’ll help you master the technique:

  1. Visualize the shot, and in your mind’s eye see where the ball will land and how much further it’ll roll after it lands. Then you pick the spot the ball will land and play accordingly.
  2. Choose the club carefully, a less lofted club than what the distance demands will be perfect for the bump and run shot. For example: if the target distance demands a 9-iron, choose a 7-iron instead.
  3. The normal stance with a shoulder wide gap between the feet wouldn’t work in every situation. Narrow down your stance, bring the feet closer, and place the ball at the center. In case of right-handed golfers, shift the weight over the left leg. It’s the exact opposite for left-handed golfers. After the weight shifts to the front foot, it should appear that you’re leaning towards the target.
  4. With the bump and run shot the idea is to reduce the loft, resulting in less air time for the ball. Adjust your grip to decrease loft, by holding the grip down and standing closer to the ball. To make the ball stay closer to the ground you need to hit down and for that it’s essential you press your hands forward.
  5. The bump and run shot is basically played from close to the putting green’s edge, which means the distance the ball needs to travel isn’t much. Hence, you don’t need an expansive stroke – the backswing must be short, with limited wrist action.
  6. With a short backswing, strike the club down and through, and maintain a firm wrist through the stroke. If played well, the ball will be closer to the ground, and roll towards the hole after landing. The length of the follow through must be short, the same length as that of the backswing.
  7. After each bump and run shot, see how the ball behaves on the grass. Analyzing the way the ball reacts will help you play the shot even better in the later rounds.

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