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What Makes the O'connor Amendoeira Golf Course a Must-Play?

Make full use of the natural scenery at O’Connor

O'connor Golf Course is one of the golf courses of Amendoeira Golf course, Algarve in Portugal. Christy O’Connor Jnr. designed this course such that the full advantage can be taken of the fertile valley. It consists of different water features like watercourses and lakes, which can be seen throughout the course. Because of these water features, the golfers have to be very accurate in hitting their shots. The golf course is designed to take a true test of the players.

The topsoil is very rich and has been very skillfully landscaped. You can also see palm trees in their full bloom dotted throughout the course. The ornamental setting of the place gives a feeling of a beautiful and extensive oasis.

Layout and Design

The tees of the course are normally connected to the areas of fairways. The overall distance of the field is great but the large greens, water features and hazards provide a good challenge. The golfers are expected to be prepared to face the putting surfaces which are subtly contoured.

Holes 7, 8 and 9 can be covered in an average length of par 4. They offer a distinct challenge because all of them are located near the lakes. Golfers have to concentrate on the game and hit the shots accurately. The approach of the shots has to be considered carefully. Holes 3 and 17 have an average length of par 3 and are constructed beautifully.

Holes 14th and 15th are par 4 with large undulating greens. They become very tough hurdles to face and overcome, especially when you are at a critical stage of the game. The concluding hole requires a drive taken with precision to reach a two step green created in the hillside. The 18th hole gives a beautiful finish to the course. You just have to manage a gentle uphill area and you will see a river running on your right side.


The course is adjacent to a magnificent clubhouse. You can find a pro-shop at the place with a wide range of utility products. You will also see a café and bar situated at the greenside. In addition, the restaurant offers delicious cuisines.

You can also refine your game of golf at the Oceanico Academy, which has 9 holes of the par 3 length with floodlit course. Practice putting at these skillfully crafted holes and you will not forget the tactics of golf in your lifetime. You can also enjoy the luxury of a driving range. You can practice according to your caliber at the short and long practice areas. Amendoeira Golf Academy & Fitting Suite is also there to offer you many instructional programs which meet the requirements of all capabilities of the golfers.

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