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Foolproof Methods To Gain Better Consistency Off The Tee

There is no greater feeling in the world than hitting a ball off the tee and see it fly 260 to 275-yards down the fairway. Even more beautiful is seeing that sight time and again. Consistency will give a boost to your confidence and earn you the admiration of your golf buddies. Why wait? Follow the techniques given below and gain better consistency off the tee.

  • Begin with a normal stance with your feet separated by a shoulder length gap. From the upright position, flex your knees slightly and assume a more athletic position. One of the key elements of a good drive is correct weight transfer; flexing the knees will ensure that your weight transfers from the back to the front, which is ideal for a powerful drive.

  • If you compare the loft of the clubs in your kit, you’ll find that the drive club having one of the lowest loft. To compensate the lack of loft, position the ball, not at the center of the stance, but an inch and a half closer to the lead foot. This way, the club will catch the ball on the upswing and create the necessary loft to take the ball a long way.

  • In this article we’re concerned about improving your drive consistency. The truth is, with better control your consistency will also improve. One way of gaining better control over the drive off the tee is by gripping down the club. Grip an inch lower from the standard position while using the drive club. A section of the golfing community feels that the drive clubs are long for a purpose. With longer club golfers get more club head speed at the point of contact with the ball; this extra speed carries the ball far. But, our aim here is to improve consistency by gaining better control over the drive, hence the adjustment to the grip.

  • The drive, or any type of swing, starts from the hips. So, focus on the hip movement as it’s more important than the arms and hands when it comes to the drive. Let the hips lead the way. Keep in mind, the hips must first cross the hitting zone and only after that your hand must hit through the ball.

  • There is no point in hitting the drive accurately, if it doesn’t go the distance you want. You can achieve distance by snapping your right-wrist on contact with the ball. The right-wrist is responsible for the distance and the left-hand and left-arm take care of the accuracy to the drive.

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