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A Handful Of Perfect Golf Swing Drills For Children

The swing is natural in kids; the goal here is to teach them short game

Every child is not a born- Tiger Woods. That is why; it is essential that you keep the game of golf fun for your child when you introduce it to them. The golf lessons for kids are meant to keep the game natural for kids. You must have noticed that your child takes a instinctive golf swing when you hand over the golf club to them. This is because children are least bothered by the golf mechanics or instructions. When the children show the willingness to learn the game, only then you must insist on teaching them the right thing. For the right time, here are a few golf drills for kids:

Putting drill for speed control

Tell the kids that the speed of their swing is the most important thing in golf. Position two tees in the ground at a distance of 3 feet, now, position two more tees three feet behind the previous tees. Take a wedge and position the grip on your front tee, the club head on your back tee to make a suspended target. Finish the setup by positioning an alignment stick on the rear end. Now, take ten golf balls and place them at a distance of 3 feet each, i.e. at 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet, etc. The aim here is to putt maximum balls into the target of 3-feet size of square.

Putting drill for line and speed

Find out a flat area on putting green, position a golf ball there and place two tees on the ball’s each side at a little distance. Now, behind these tees, place one tee at the length of a putter. To finish this setup, mark a tee as the beginning point at the length of a putter. Use two balls to begin at the tee placed at putter length. The aim here is to putt two golf balls continuously through tees. The ball should stop before the length of the grip at its back. After your kid has finished this drill, position the tee placed at putter length to two putter distances and repeat this drill. You can set a limit of time, such as 15 minutes, to observe how many lengths of the outer your kid is able to achieve in such drills from the goal.

The more drills your child is able to achieve, the better he/ she is prepared for professional golf.

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