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5 Things You Might Not Know About Tackling Plugged Bunker Lies

You might find a plugged bunker shot difficult to accomplish if you have not played it much. In such a shot, you find half the ball buried in sand and half of it visible above the sand. Your first preference should be to take out the ball from its present position so that you can play the shot. We have listed the following techniques for you to take the ball out and make the most of that situation.

A lob wedge of 60 degrees

Professional golfers always try to make a high trajectory to give the ball an aerial hit. A higher trajectory makes the golf ball stop while covering significant linear distance. A few golfers give a very powerful blow to the ball, which definitely carves the ball out of sand but they cannot predict the spot where the ball will reach. Thus, they end up losing control of the golf ball. Usually, the professionals play the game of golf with a club head that is wide open.

Smack the sand just an inch prior to touching the ball

You can try smack the sand just a couple of inches before you smack the golf ball. It will help you to take the golf ball out of the sand to much extent. In addition, it gives the ball a platform to land and the ball also receives the blow from the club head properly.

Keep your feet open widely

In case of plugged bunker lies, you must stand with your feet wide open. If you have legs wide open, it gives you a better grip on the ground so that you can hit the precise point to carve the golf ball out from the sand. If you do not keep the feet open, you may miss the target and this may impact the power also.

Keep the ball a little behind your middle

For this particular shot, you can stand so that the ball is a little behind in your middle as compared to a normal bunker shot. It will help you to get the club under the ball plus smack it using maximum power. This way, you can take the ball out of sand.

Take a powerful swing and smooth flow

You must give a forceful blow to the golf ball. In addition, the line of the golf club head should swing in conjunction with your feet. This also helps the ball pop out from the sand. You can improve upon all these techniques with regular practice.

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