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Golf Trips To Portimao: Organizing A Dream Getaway

Portimao, situated at the banks of the river Arade, is the largest town in the Western Algarve region. Tourists visiting Portimao will feel they are in an early 20th century town. Traditional buildings, white sandy beaches, fantastic golf courses, modern nightlife, shopping centers, and bars and restaurants that serve both traditional Portuguese and International cuisines – all of these and more make Portimao one of the best golf and tourist destinations in Portugal.

If you’re already dreaming of the wonderful time you’ll have in Portimao, then do keep in mind that things can go wrong if you don’t organize the golf trip well. For most tourists, organizing a golf holiday is a big headache. There are too many options, too many tough decisions to take, plenty of things to book and buy, and finally keep every member of the group informed. But, don’t take too much pressure on; we’ll help you organize a dream getaway.

  • Probably you know this already. Things will go smoothly if any one person in the group holds the responsibility of planning, organizing, and executing every part of the golf trip.
  • A movie line worth mentioning here is ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’. Rather than taking unilateral decisions, keep everyone informed, take their opinion, and try to build consensus. Obviously, you can’t solicit response or opinion for everything small or big related to the golf trip. Involve other members only when it’s necessary.
  • Technology has made the holiday planning process much easier. Let’s start with low tech; use a spreadsheet to list the number of members in your group, their contribution, their likes, dislikes, and their objective of the golf trip. By using a spreadsheet you can easily share important information with other members of the group.
  • Smartphone apps have taken over the world by storm. The travel and tourism industry readily adopted this technology and introduced numerous holiday and vacation related apps. A casual search of the Google Play Store or iOS Apps Store will throw up hundreds of golf getaway organizing apps. Peruse the apps list, check their features, and download the one that suits your requirements.
  • Once you’ve decided on the airline, hotel or resort, golf courses, and other services it’s time to contact them for further information. You can fill the contact us form, send a mail, or even better, make a call to get in touch with the authorized personnel. Once everything is in place, pay via bank transfer, PayPal or through any other payment gateway.

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