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The Easiest Way To Escape From The Trees On A Golf Course

When playing on the course with trees in abundance it is likely the ball will fly into them unless you have a good plan up your sleeve. In this case it is not about distance but being able to get the ball up over the tree. There are a few things you can do when setting up for the shot that can make it easier to accomplish the shot. As you understand what is necessary you can make changes to your approach in hopes of getting positive results with ease. Here are a few points on how to escape trees on the golf course.

  • Have the right club ready to make the play (with loft). When making a play that involves getting the ball over a tree consider using a club with greater loft. When making the shot work to get the ball up and over. A club with more loft will help accomplish this. Pay attention to getting the ball up and over and not so much on distance.
  • Ball position should be just ahead of the middle of your stance. The ball position in this can make a difference in how the ball will be hit. This will help in getting the right angle and good contact with the club head.
  • Establish a good backswing and take it back just a bit. As you rotate to go into the backswing your shoulder should go back in the turn. Just be careful not to lean back too far as you go into your back swing. Achieve good balance and keep your head forward and in place as you come from your backswing and go through your down and upswing.
  • Keep your head behind the ball as you come into your downswing and make contact. This will help you keep your head in place and let your body go through the swing with ease. It helps to find something to focus on in order to keep your head in position as you swing through the shot. For some players this element may not be necessary but they know how to place the ball and where they want it to land.
  • Create an arch when you follow through with your club. As you come down and go back up into your upswing, your club and swing motion should create a smooth curve as you hold up your club head and follow through.

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