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Golf Tips For Women: 7 Suggestions To Improve Your Game

Golf is one of the few sports where men can compete against women - unlike football or basketball. Through the handicap system and different tees, there is no reason why women can't score better than men. It really is a game for all ages and genders. Here are 7 suggestions that can help you lower your scores and start playing like Michelle Wie:

  1. Ditch the long irons
  2. Invest in some fairway woods as they are easier to get in the air. A mishit 5 wood will always beat a mishit 2-iron. Many golf retailers will be able to sell you a 7,8,9 wood.

  3. Focus on your short game
  4. You might not be able to hit the ball as long as the men but you can give them a run for their money from 50 yards and in. Resolve to become a wizard with the wedges and the putter.

  5. Shorten your swing
  6. Women are generally more flexible than men but this can cause it's own problems with over swinging. Keep your swing tight and short, and you will have more control and hit better shots.

  7. Get clubs that are right for you
  8. Many clubs will be too long and heavy for female players and this will reduce your swing speed and ruin your swing. Visit your local PGA professional and get clubs tailored to your build and swing speed.

  9. Pick a role model
  10. Think of a female golfer that you admire and copy her swing. While you are out on the course, keep her motion in mind and it will help you play with good "pictures" in your mind's eye.

  11. Play with a distance ball
  12. Make sure you are playing with the right ball. If you are playing with a balata ball then you will lose distance and strokes. Browse online or in golf stores and you will find a ball than you can hit a long way.

  13. Play with players that are better than you
  14. This tip applies to both men and women. Playing with good players will raise your level and force you to improve. Just remember to be respectful, play fast and be a good playing partner and they will want to play with you again.

Apply these 7 tips to your game this season and you will soon be emulating Anika Sorenstam and getting invites to play in the men's tournaments.

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