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4 General Suggestions On How To Use A Hybrid Club

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A hybrid club is a good replacement of the conventional iron club used by golfers. The main reason for this change is that the iron clubs had a smaller clubface and the golf ball travelled at a low trajectory when it was hit with an iron club.

The hybrid clubs have a long and hollow shape, using which a golfer can hit good golf shots crossing the challenges presented by the fairways. These clubs result in better impact from tougher surfaces.

Firm Grip

Relax you arms and hands when you hold the club. Tension may lead to low clubhead speed and the ball will not travel a long distance. Practice drills involve a normal finger grip without placing your thumb on the club shaft. S a result, your forearms will be relaxed when you take the swing shot. Loose grip on the hybrid club will result in higher swing and longer drive.

Golf Drive

When you hit the ball using a hybrid club, it results in a lower tee shot. Place your club close to the golf ball in a way that half of it is above the club head. It will result in higher loft; the swing shot will be at a low trajectory and similar to a sweep shot.

Angle of swing

Hybrid clubs are the best equipment used by golfers when they are stuck in the fairway. You must take the downswing using a hybrid club. You should play slightly higher backswing, and form an arc while bring the downswing just before hitting the golf ball. The low trajectory will result in a higher loft of the ball at impact. The higher loft and the make of the hybrid club will result in a longer flight of the ball; the ball will be released successfully form the fairways and travel a long distance on the golf greens.

Fairway shot

When you wish the ball to travel across long fairways, you must use the hybrid club. You can hit a perfect tee shot to overcome the challenge of undulating fairways. If you use a 3-iron or 5-iron on the fairways, you may miss the shot.

The hybrid club will help you hit the perfect straight drive. In addition, you can also overcome the challenge of bunker shots using a hybrid club. Sweep the golf ball outside the bunker on the narrow fairway and hit it using a hybrid club placed at a shallow angle.

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