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Escaping A Greenside Bunker: The Tried And True Strategy

Everyone has their methods for getting the ball out of a greenside bunker. But what method do professionals use when they are in such a predicament? Here is an accurate description on how to escape the greenside bunker and perhaps even sink the ball.

Use a sand wedge

Don’t try and be clever by using any other club but a sand wedge. The sand wedge is the ideal club for getting the ball out and a short distance up to the hole. Its loft is also perfect for the kind of shot that we will describe further below.

Open your clubface

If you don’t open your clubface enough, it will hit the sand in such a way that blocks the shot. However, with an open clubface the club will sweep under the ball and use the sand to push it out. Make sure you turn you clubface open BEFORE establishing your grip.

Put more weight on the left

By leaning your weight on the left foot, you ensure a strong forward force when the ball is hit. About 70% of your weight should be on the left foot before and during the shot. Don’t adjust your weight—keep it steady.

Follow through

Make sure the club follows through. Yes, sand will go flying; but it’s supposed to and shows that a follow through was performed. It will also ensure that your ball travels the distance it’s supposed to. A good follow through always renders the clubface as far in front as it was when you pulled it back.

Aim slightly left

Aiming left by about 15 degrees will send the ball spinning back to the right before its first bounce. It will then slowly roll forward—surprisingly straight. Trust your shot to do this and aim left without thinking twice.

Don’t touch the sand with your club during address

It’s actually illegal in golf to rest your clubface on the sand before the shot. Hold it slightly above the ball but make sure your body is low enough so that when the downswing connects, the sand is hit—not the ball.

Now you know how to do it like a professional. Try these tips during your next bunker practice session and see how easy it is to get your ball out of the bunker and ready for final putt into the hole.

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