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5 General Tips on How to Utilize a Sand Wedge in Golf

As soon as you get closer to the green, you are faced with a dilemma whether to use a sand wedge or a lob wedge. Most golfers are capable of hitting with the short irons which they play from a fairway. Since the short irons have a short length to be used with a softer and shorter action, most players can hit the shots with them with relative control and ease.

You might have experienced that when you tried to use a sand wedge from a fairway, you had hit a completely different shot. Even if you hit the wedges or irons comfortably, you might mess up with the sand wedge. The sand wedge is unique with respect to other golf clubs. It is the best club to get the ball out of sand and rough patches. And this unique factor itself makes it difficult to use.

Bounce of a sand wedge

The bounce on sole of the club must be given proper allowance before playing the shot from a fairway. The bottom of the sand wedge’s face is higher than the edge of it that trials. The trailing edge is the part that touches the ground. It is lower than the rest of the leading edge. This club should not be played like a short iron. This bounce obviously hits the turf first and spoils the shot.

How to control the situation?

To understand the condition properly, grab a pitching wedge, a 9 iron, a lob wedge and a sand wedge, if you have them. Lean them on a flat ground and against the wall so that the heads of all clubs lie on the surface. The club which stands out to you will be the sand wedge. Its leading edge of a sand club is ¼ inches above the others. This is the bounce of the club.

You must be aware of the structure of a sand wedge to use it perfectly on the fairways. You can pull the golf ball back in the stance by a few inches so that you can negate the bounce of the club on its sole. You must adjust the position of the ball the same way if you would play a shot with a longer iron. The effect is that your hands will move ahead of the golf ball a little more than normal. It would somewhat de-loft your sand iron and it will swing lower and further than you expected. Thus, you have to practice a lot to make it right.

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