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10 Free Tips On How To Become A Skilled Golfer

‘Never be satisfied with what you have, aim to be better, or best at what you do.’ – This was the advice, I’ve seen, most golf teachers give to their pupil. Certainly, everyone wants to be a skilled golfer, but few can afford an instructor to watch, analyze, and fine tune their game.

Worry not; the tips presented here will help you become a skilled golfer.

Identify the chinks in your armor

As they say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. To get better, a player has to first identify the weak links, areas in need of improvement. Keep a record of your game statistics: total putts, short game hits and misses, GIR, fairway hits, etc. Analyze the data, and determine the shortcomings in your game.

Work on body alignment

PGA Pro, Sean Parees, blames poor body alignment for bad strokes. According to him, a decent hit is out of the question, if the body and swing are aimed at two different directions. To overcome this problem, Parees advises developing a pre-stroke routine that’ll lead to proper ball positioning and proper body alignment.

Be in charge of the clubface

The amount of control a player has on the clubface, gives a clear indication of his skill level. Lesser skilled golfers tend to open the clubface, a little too much, on a backswing. Sometimes, they don’t exhibit total control over the clubface on a downswing. A small adjustment of your grip will do the trick. In a standard stance, the bottom hand (the right-hand in case of a right handed player) mustn’t face you in the backswing.

Coiling and uncoiling your trunk

It’s not the hands or shoulders that generate acceleration in a swing; it’s actually the movement of the trunk or torso that feeds power into the drive. To get the swing right, assume a proper stance, and on the backswing rotate your body trunk in the opposite direction of the target. Then, on the downswing, do the reverse, (i.e.) rotate the trunk towards the target.

Practice a full swing at haft the speed

To hit the perfect shot, the swing must be in sequence, and for that you must become one with the club iron. Feel the grip, feel the club head, and when you go through the shot feel the swing. Keep it casual, don’t smack the ball hard, use just half the speed on a backswing and downswing, and then just before impact, speed up.

For good acceleration know your equipment

No matter what the experience level of a player – novice, amateur, or professional – power and distance are the boons they seek. With a good club, a player is one step closer to this goal, and technology has given rise to various club designs to suit every golfer’s needs. The only thing left for the player to do is know the design that’ll compliment his/her game and maximize its use.

Tame stress to perform better

Yes, it’s nice to win, but in pursuit of victory don’t forget the fun aspect of golf. Too much pressure will force you into making mistakes, so relax and try to enjoy the game.

Putting is important too

Most golfers spend very little time on putting. They practice plenty of drives, try a couple of putts and then begin teeing off. Putting is not something you can master easily, so allocate equal time for its practice.

Develop a practice routine

Going to a driving range, and hitting some balls won’t help improve your game. To become skilled, you need to get serious and work on every facet of the game. Pro golfers rarely make mistakes that because they have all the areas of golf covered. You can rise to their level by developing a comprehensive practice routine that lays stress on each and every skill and shot in golf.

The last one

Finally, before teeing off spend 10 to 20 minutes loosening your body muscles and calming your nerves. Begin with breathing exercises to relax and follow it up with stretching exercises.

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