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5 Beautifully Simple Cures To Common Golf Problems

Improving your golf skills is something many players look forward to. Overtime this allows you to enjoy the game more and you can enjoy better results. Practice makes perfect and when you are familiar with plays hurting your scores it is time to take action. Here are 5 simple cures for common golf problems to consider.

  1. Hook shots. This occurs when the golfer tries to hit the ball with a closed clubface. Make adjustments to your grip and try not to hold the club too firmly. As you hold the club the grip should be more in your palm instead of your fingers. Have good stance: the target line should be parallel to your knees, hips, and shoulders. When you go into your downswing this action should start with your legs to keep wrists hinged.

  2. Tempo speed. The wrong tempo could lead to an errant shot on the course. In many cases the golfer moves too fast when swinging. Some think you need to swing fast in order to hit the ball far. Don’t rely completely on your hands and arms to make your swing. About 80 percent of your power will help you swing. Make your body coil when you into your backswing and start your downswing. The legs and hips should start your swing.

  3. Scooping the ball. During chipping the ball gets hit from behind or high on top of the ball. This means the club head passes hands as it comes in to hit the ball. A fat or thin shot could result when the club bottom reaches the ball first. When addressing the ball hands should be in front of the club head. Follow through completely and avoid flipping your wrist.

  4. Slicing the ball. The ball curves right when hit with open club face. A good grip with V shape pointing toward shoulder. Another option includes rotating grip to the right to make it stronger. Keep your left arm straight to lead the club. Feet, hips, knees, and shoulders should line up with target line. Make inside swing path by lining up ball with club heel.

  5. Missing putt shots. Some golfers miss their shot and make the ball go left or right of their target. Make sure to have good eye positioning over the ball. Keep eyes in line with the target line before hitting the ball; if your eyes are inside the ball goes right and if eyes are outside ball goes left.

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