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8 Interesting Facts About The Espiche Golf Course

Among the many golf courses in Europe, the Espiche Golf Course is must-go one for every golf lover. It is located in Lagos, Portugal and covers magnificently stretched piece of land that blends seamlessly into the landscape of Algarve. It provides a unique golfing experience and the principles it is based on are preservation and Innovation. Below listed are 8 interesting facts about the Espiche Golf Course.

  1. The Golf Course owners have chosen the slogan “A visionary Commitment to Sustainability” for the golfing experience they provide with. You will agree that the slogan is not exaggerated when you visit the vast green fields yourself. In Clubhouse of the Year 2015 awards, Espiche Golf Course was awarded third place by the Golfinc. Magazine, USA.
  2. Located in Algarve, it maintains to keep challenging the other nearly located golf courses with balance.
  3. The managers of the golf course are there to attend you and assist you in the game friendlily. They customize the whole tournament for you exactly according to your needs. Their specialty of customizing the experience is remarkable.
  4. At Espiche, the players and guests are provided with easy packages, and they state that the packages are for those who like to have a good time. One can sign up to their e-club which provides latest news of exclusive offers for the e-members.
  5. Espiche is a challenging yet fun 18 holes par 72 course. The variety of holes and their placement will be fully enjoyed by a shot-maker; they will not be found at other golf courses, commonly.
  6. The biodiversity of the golfing area is enhanced by indigenous plantings, bushes, streams and lakes. They do not only add to the greenery for a refreshing mind before game but also offer magnificent views of the countryside and the Monchique Mountains at a distance.
  7. The fairways are tree lined and the trees are huge and undulating; the greenery is guarded by bunkers. Careful and precise shots are to be played in the undulating shallows and slopes of the Espiche Golf Course. Also, pitch shots are required to be fully ranged because of the perfectly placed greens in the surroundings.
  8. The golf course has a joint Gecko Restaurant where you can take on delicious meals after a game. Transition from a beginner to an amateur can be made playing at Espiche Golf Course since it is both challenging and fun.

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