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7 Things To Know Before Going On A Golf Vacation To Faro

Faro is one of the most underrated resort towns in Portugal. Situated in Algarve, Faro has some of the best golf courses in Europe. Although, many golf travelers do not know about it, if you will surf through the internet you will get to know about this ideal golf destination.

So, hurry up and quickly plan a trip to this place. However, you must know some crucial things before leaving for a golf vacation to Faro. We have listed 7 things to help you plan your golf trip to Faro.

  1. See the weather
  2. Look for the weather of Faro. Be ready to go to Faaro when it has a pleasant weather, so that you can enjoy your golf trip. July and August are the best months of the year to play golf in Faro, as during this time Faro experiences a nice weather with a 24 degree Celsius temperature and minimum rainfall.

  3. Book a hotel near to the airport
  4. The hotel you plan to stay in must be close to the Faro airport, so that you do not have problem in commuting. For instance, you can opt for the Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa, which is only 25 minutes away from the Faro airport, with the Falesia private beach nearby. Also, make sure that the hotel offers a shuttle service.

  5. Book a hotel close to the golf course
  6. In addition to the airport, you must book a hotel that is near to one or two golf course.

  7. Select a fine golf course
  8. Ensure that the golf course you choose must be in superb condition with excellent green. Moreover, look for the several golf packages that the golf course offers, in addition to its competitions. For instance, the Pinhal Golf Course has complementary and divergent green and even conducts an amateur competition.

  9. Pack in all your golf stuff
  10. Before you leave for your golf vacation in Faro, check that you have packed in all the golf gear that you will need in your golf game. Forgetting even one of the equipment may spoil your golf game and in turn cost you huge bucks to rent that equipment. Moreover, it is not necessary that the same club, that you want to play with, will be provided on rent.

  11. Hotel should be associated with the golf course
  12. You must book a hotel that should be associated with atleast one golf course, in order to reduce your overall expenses of playing golf in a foreign country; since the hotel will certainly provide you discount to play on its associated green.

  13. Decide to take a cart or not
  14. Depending on the golf course, determine if you will need a caddie or not. If the fairway is not a walk able one and if there is no additional fee for a cart, then you can opt for one.

So, be ready to play your best game of golf in Faro.

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